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Friday, October 4, 2013

West Virginia Jersey Dutch Belt Calf Heifer For Sale

Beautiful dairy calf heifer for sale.  Olive is 7 months old.  She is grass fed and drinks her mother's milk.  She is 3/4 Jersey and 1/4 Dutch Belt.  Dutch Belt is a heritage breed known for low incidence of milk fever and easy calving.  She is not polled.  We are in West Virginia.  Pick up only.  She is $500.  Send e-mails to

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Jersey-Dutch Belt Heifer for Sale

We have one of our dairy heifers for sale.  Heidi is a three year old Jersey Dutch Belt cross.  We purchased her from an organic dairy farm in Sharon Springs, NY.  We bottle raised her. She now eats fresh grass and hay.  She wears a halter and comes to grain as a treat.  Dutch Belt is a heritage breed.  She is $1200.  We are located in West Virginia.  If anyone is interested e-mail or comment on this post.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Shop The Highlandview Pantry

Click the shop tab above to look through and shop my Amazon store. I shop Amazon quite often for books, baby items, health food and kitchen gadgets. We even bought our picnic table through Amazon. I have included some of my favorite items in my store. In the baby section, you will find teethers and pacifiers made of rubber instead of plastic - BPA free. In the grocery section, you will find several health food items that are great for the Paleo/Caveman diet. In the kitchen gadget section, there are several of my go to appliances including the world's easiest ice cream maker - no salt or ice required. We just welcomed our new little boy into the world - stay tuned for pictures. During the pregnancy, I developed gestational diabetes. So, I went high protein/low carb and started researching the Paleo diet. I have come up with some great recipes that I will be sharing soon. Thanks for checking out the store!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Red Rooibos Tea

I use the teapot pictured above for brewing all of my loose leaf teas.  It is available at Primula Flowering Tea Set with Half-Moon 40-Ounce Pot, Black/Glass for 19.87.  It is pictured above using a flowering tea; however, it also has a small mesh insert for brewing loose leaf teas. The proper ratio of loose leaf tea or herb to water for this pot is one teaspoon of dried herb or tea to one cup of water.  I boil my water in a kettle on the stove top and pour it over the herb into this teapot.  I replace the teapot lid and allow it to steep for ten minutes before serving.  The latest herbal tea that I have been drinking is red rooibos.  It is an herb from Africa and it has a mild, smooth flavor.  It is naturally caffeine free and safe for pregnant women.  It is antioxidant rich, heart healthy, blood sugar stabilizing and calming.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Pregnancy Smoothie

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Here is a recipe for a smoothie that I have been making for myself this pregnancy.  Almost all of the ingredients are red - I should come up with a creative name but for now it's my pregnancy smoothie.  Each ingredient has specific health benefits.

1/2 cup of cranberry juice
1/2 cup of coconut water
handful of frozen strawberries
2 or 3 ice cubes
1 tsp of dehydrated beet powder

Put everything in your blender and pulse until smooth.

Cranberry juice has positive benefits for urinary tract health.  Be sure to read the ingredient list and make sure you are getting pure unsweetened cranberry juice.  Coconut water has naturally occurring electrolytes and its electrolyte composition is similar to the make up of human plasma.  Coconut water has as much potassium as a banana. It also has properties that prevent urinary tract infections.  My favorite brand of coconut water is ZICO.  This brand is made from young coconuts and has a mild flavor.  Do not confuse coconut milk with coconut water.  The water is the the clear liquid that drains from a coconut when it is pierced.  A fourteen ounce bottle of ZICO coconut water has only 70 calories.  Coconut milk contains the pureed meat of the coconut and is much higher in calories.  Strawberries are packed with vitamin C, fiber and antioxidants.  They may also play a role in maintaining healthy blood pressure.  Beet root powder contains the following vitamins and minerals : iron, potassium, magnesium, A, C, several of the B's, calcium, copper, phosphorus, sodium, iodine and boron.  The American Heart Association studies suggest that beet juice can help maintain healthy blood pressure.  Beet juice is difficult to find and messy to make so I substitute the dehydrated powder.  The powder does well in drinks made in the blender, however, it clumps if you try to just stir it into a drink.  I suggest The Bulk Herb Store for purchasing the powder -  This really is a delicious smoothie  - my seven year old usually finishes off the extra in the blender.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Books I Love

Reading is one of my favorite pastimes.   In recent years, our family has made several changes that include homeschooling, living on a farm, learning about herbalism, learning to eat healthier and having a new baby.  Books have been a treasured resource during this time of positive change.  I want to share with you some of the books that I have found to be the most helpful. Clicking the photo of each book will redirect you to Amazon.

My favorite book on pregnancy and babies:

Making Babies by Shoshana Easling is full of herbal advice for mother and baby.  Shoshana and her family own Bulk Herb Store.  I bought the book for the sound herbal advice but surprisingly I use it mostly for her terrific recipes.   The recipes are extremely healthy for the pregnant mommy and great tasting for the whole family.  A couple of my favorite recipes from the book are Energy Balls (yummy dessert made with almond butter, honey and other terrific ingredients) and Sooo Good Fish Soup (made with tilapia and lots of fresh veggies). These recipes are so good that my teenagers like them!

My favorite books on homeschooling:

Charlotte Mason Home Companion by Karen Andreola is a book on home education based on the teachings of Charlotte Mason (a Victorian Era educator).  This is a book that I wished I had read when all of my children were little.  It is full of pleasant thoughts and practical advice.  The advice I treasure the most from this book covers teaching reading, teaching literature and selecting living books for children.

The Well Trained Mind by Susan Wise Brown and Jesse Wise is a terrific book for all parents regardless of whether or not they choose to homeschool.  Ensuring your child receives a classical education is the main focus of this text.  It is written by a mother and daughter team of homeschoolers.  Jesse has years of classroom experience.  Susan is a professor at William and Mary college.  This book outlines topics that should be covered at each grade level and makes terrific recommendations for curriculum resources.  Many of the textbooks that I have chosen to use with my children are directly suggested in this book.  This book  is a good resource for understanding SAT, ACT, CLEP and AP testing.

My favorite books on alternative health and herbalsim:

Alternative Medicine The Definitive Guide is a text that I was required to read as part of a correspondence course on herbalism.  This book covers all forms of alternative medicine including herbalism, Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, flower essences and many more.  The aspect of this book that I found the most helpful is the way it is organized.  The first section explains each kind of alternative medicine.  The second section is organized by disease or ailment and which forms of alternative medicine apply.

Herbal Recipes by Rosemary Gladstar is a fun book and great for someone just starting out in herbalism.  Rosemary covers herbal solutions for common family ailments.  This book also includes a great section on homemade beauty products.

My favorite book farming:

Keeping a Family Cow by Joann Grohman is the best resource I have found on caring for a family dairy cow.  We have two Jersey Dutch Belted crosses that are due to have their first calves in the spring.  Needless to say I will be pouring over this book preparing myself for taking care of the mothers and calves and milking.

My favorite book on healthy eating:

Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon is a great resource for learning about the nutritional benefits of raw milk, cultured dairy products, sprouted grains and much more.  It refers to the teachings and studies of Weston Price a dentist who studied the teeth of indigenous people, whom were not exposed to modern day processed foods.  I use this book as a recipe book and a nutritional resource.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Chickens Finally Laying Eggs

We tried new chicken breeds this season.  Our fist flock was a combination of Buff Orpingtons and Black Austrolorps.  I really liked the Buffs but I wanted to try  something different.  In April of 2012, we received an order of Pearl White Leghorns, Barred Rocks and Araucana.  The new breeds were not as hardy as the Buffs and Austrolorps. We lost quite a few in the beginning.   It also took forever for this flock to start laying.  We received our first egg on December 23rd.  One thing I like about this flock is that each breed lays a different color egg, so I can really tell who is performing well.  The Pearl Whites lay very large eggs consistently.  The Barred Rocks are a little slow.  The Easter Egg Chickens (Araucanas) are a family favorite.  My girls want to save every shell.  I always order our flocks from  The day before the flock started laying we fed them a homemade wormer - pumpkin seeds, cayenne pepper and fresh garlic.  There are no measurements - I just ground everything up in a food processor.  Maybe it was the boost they needed.